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-Sam Bell

On the airwaves
Sam recently appeared on the show NEOtropolis, produced by PBS of the Western reserve and shown on May Day, 2012.  Here is a link to the show:  Sam's part starts about 20 minutes in.   Sam was also interviewed for a broadcast on Civic Commons Radio (heard locally on WJCU).  Here's a link to a podcast of the show: 

Getting Into His Work
joe in truckIn case you were wondering how we technicians spend our days, here's a shot of our own Joe Sandow in the midst of the glamorous and exciting world of auto repair.

He is extricating eight spark plugs that have been taken hostage by a Ford Triton V8. With the appropriate special tools, dogged determination, and reckless disregard for his attire, Joe eventually rescues the captive spark plugs.

(Joe's wife may have opinions of her own.)

Cleveland Art Museum Interview
Recently, Sam was interviewed for the Clevaland Art Museum newsletter.

art museum"This monkey-shaped perfume flask is one of my favorite things in the museum. It makes me laugh. There’s such joy. I’m an alumnus of St. John’s College, the“Great Books” school, so I studied classical Greek, read Plato, Aristotle, Euripides, Homer, and so on. I spent some time in Greece 40 years ago, occasionally volunteering with the excavation of the Agora in Athens. You would never find anything like this—just these tiny, tiny shards and then somebody else would try to figure out what they were. I love that this piece is from roughly that same period.

The Greek word arete translates as excellence or virtue—it’s not an achievement, but an ongoing pursuit, a way of life. That’s one of the things you see everywhere as you look around this museum, even in a tiny piece like this. I’m a space brat. My dad was a rocket scientist and we came to Cleveland in 1963 so he could work for NASA. I first came to the museum when we stayed briefly at the Fenway Motor Inn on University Circle. I used to cut classes from Heights High School and come down to the art museum on the theory that I would learn more here than I would in a classroom.

Cleveland is a great city and one of the greatest things about it is we have such wonderful cultural institutions. My children grew up in this museum, visiting probably two or three times a month for 15 years. It’s been really important for our family, first for our children and now our grandchildren. When I talk to people from out of town or who are new to the area, this amazing art museum and the best orchestra in the world are what I tout to them as the things that really separate us from other places."

Lusty Wrench Named to Best of Cleveland List for 2011
We're pretty excited here at the Lusty Wrench, having been named the best auto repair business on Clevelend Scene magazine's "best of Cleveland" list for 2011.

Read the whole article at Cleveland Scene magazine.

Thanks! We'll do our best to live up to your high standards.
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Sam was recently interviewed for a broadcast on Civic Commons Radio (heard locally on WJCU).  Here's a link to a podcast of the show: