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We recognize that your car is your most expensive movable possession. We believe that establishing an ongoing relationship with a competent mechanic can result in significantly increased service life and reduced operating costs. We also believe that the idea of “disposable cars” is environmentally reprehensible. We are committed to helping you maintain your car for as long as it makes good ecological and economical sense.

What Makes Us Different?
We are happy to explain what we do and how we do it. Since we don't rely on bullshit, we welcome questions. Most importantly, we remember that we are in the service industry. To us, that means that we will always try to find a way to say “yes” to your requests.

What Would Dad Want?
Sam explains:
When I'm trying to figure out what services to recommend to a customer, I ask myself:
“What would I do if it were my Dad's car?”
Then that's what I recommend.

What is Eco-Conscious Auto Repair?
Automotive repair can be a terribly polluting endeavor. A thriving shop can produce many tons of toxic fluid waste and scrap metal each year.

When something is thrown out it does not magically go away;
it goes back into the soil, the water, the air.

We work hard to tread lightly.

We work with every customer to make sure their car is as fuel efficient as possible. For example, we check every tire that comes through the shop to ensure proper tire inflation.
American drivers could save 192,000 gallons of fuel per day,
just by keeping their tires properly inflated.
  • We clean, rebuild, and reuse auto parts, whenever it is reasonable, safe, and appropriate to do so.
  • We recycle all cardboard - over 500 cubic yards per year.
  • We recycle all scrap metal.
  • We collect and recyle 1,500 gallons of waste oil per year. It gets used to create asphalt paving compounds and industrial coatings.
  • We collect and recycle 200 gallons of used anti-freeze per year. We have a mobile anti-freeze recycling truck come to the shop and process it. They restore the pH balance and anti-corrosive compounds of the antifreeze, allowing it to be reused.

There are downstream consequences to every action we take.
The Lusty Wrench strives to minimize negative downstream consequences.

The Lusty Wrench
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I found The Lusty Wrench from some online reviews (before I even heard of Car Talk), because I was wary of taking my car to just any mechanic, being a female with limited knowledge of cars. I've been satisfied with the work they've done in the 5 years that I have been in Cleveland.