Sam Bell

samSam founded the Lusty Wrench in 1979. His puns and witticisms (in English, French, Greek, and Latin!) have been amusing customers ever since.
Sam's expert diagnostic and repair skills keep customers' cars running at peak performance and efficiency.
Sam is a Hybrid Certified, ASE Certified Advanced Level Technician. This and his many other certifications paper the walls of the Lusty Wrench office. In 2010, Sam was named the Delmar/Cengage Learning ASE Technician of the Year in recognition of having achieved the highest cumulative certification test scores in the entire country.

Sam is also a passionate educator. He is an Ohio EPA-approved and New York State DMV-approved technical trainer, teaching many popular, advanced-level, continuing education courses to professional mechanics throughout the region.
An avid writer, Sam is a Contributing Editor at Motor Magazine, and has authored two standalone publications: Vehicle Emissions Diagnostic Strategies and Asian Imports Diagnostic Strategies.  His new book, The Auto Emissions Bible, written with his longtime friend and collaborator Ralph Birnbaum, is now the standard text for state emissions repair technician certification programs in Ohio and Oregon.
Sam is listed in Who's Who In Business & Industry.

Joe Sandow
altJoe Sandow is a second-generation automobile technician with over 25 years of experience. He started working at the Lusty Wrench in April, 2004.
Joe is a Hybrid Certified, ASE Certified, Advanced Level Technician, and an Ohio E-Check Certified Repair Technician.
Joe is also a master farmer, running his family's organic farm in Ashtabula County.


A Long Tradition!
The Lusty Wrench site has been a garage for a very long time!
This picture was taken circa 1932 - 1933.

Garage 1932





National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence


iatnInternational Automotive Technicians Network


Motor Magazine.
At Age 100, Still in the Driver's Seat!

altSociety for Automotive Engineering



Sam was recently interviewed for a broadcast on Civic Commons Radio (heard locally on WJCU).  Here's a link to a podcast of the show: